Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Port Dicksons ohhh Port Dickson

On christmas holiday, we just went to our nearby "resort" in neighborhood state,namely Negeri Sembilan, specifically Port Dickson. Port Dickson had been given title " Bandar Tentera Darat" or in english we can say " Military City" by the goverment of Malaysia.

Izzah, our daughter like to play with the sea sand, a reflection...


Walking along the sea shores, you can see and find various form and type of rocks, some of it is very unique in their appearance...Malay proverb: "Hanya jauhari yang mengenal manikam"... "Manikam" is referring to precious stone which sometime seen as not precious but in fact it is precious stone as only an expert could appreciate their value :)

Precious stones

Their happy hour.

Hang out

After perform our maghrib prayer at Bagan Pinang mosque, we heading to Port Dickson town to find place for our dinner. We come across seafood "valley" but unluckily we not settled here because some "technical" issue.

Seafood valley

The seafood restaurant was situated above the Port Dickson sea, nice view. This is the boat beside the restaurant which seem abandoned in the old jetty.

Abandoned boat at abandoned jetty

They perform some musical play, if you kind enough you can donate some $$ to them... :)

For our home expenditure

Then we are going to Batu 4 and seem that durian fever is still there. We parked and try to inspect some high quality durians :)

Durian galores


Burppp... buy there and eat some there.. but don't be fooled by the picture, we not the one who is responsible for this to the dustbin...