Saturday, August 25, 2012

Eid'ul Fitri 2012

Some pic i have taken during Eid'ul Fitri 2012.

Ledakkan roket

That were rockets we launched, just small rocket but emitted loudly sound.

Anak bulan 3 syawal 2012

That was moon on 3rd day of syawal.. Just captured the moment using bare hand which resulted blurry image.Should properly using tripod and long exposures the pic could be improve in quality.

Taman permainan kami

Taken at Port Dickson near group of stalls selling foods. That was nearby seller' kids. They happily playing at the curb nearby the sea.


The waves seem more harsh and strong. Perhaps the weather at nearby places are not so good which affect the waves amplitude. But luckily it's not tsunami.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kuching, thanks for the great memories there :)


The duty at General Hospital Kuching,Sarawak brought me there. First time arrived at Sarawak make me feel like I'm too far from Semenanjung :P We were greeted by rainy day. But thanks to Allah that it didn't stop us from exploring the exciting world of Bumi Kenyalang.

  Rainy in Kuching

What is famous in Sarawak? Of course you already know the answer, that is Kek lapis (layered cake) sarawak. In order to get to the kek lapis stalls, we have to cross the sarawak river because our hotel was at the opposite side of the stalls. Sarawak river in the late evening:

Beside sarawak river

And yes, we have to go there by boat (sampan).


Our home

The residents also using the river for their favourite pastime activities:

  Come fight us !

The jetty:

  The "Terminal"

Phew.. Finally we got to the another side of the river and the kek lapis chasing activities started...

  Kek lapis again

The kek lapis sellers were are generous, they put cutted kek lapis as samples for the customers to try and you can tasted it for unlimited cycles :p

  Kek lapis samples

Kek Lapis

Then we have our seafood dinner at the nearest foodcourt and seem the price was really reasonable (cheaper compared to Bangi and Kuala Lumpur).

  Dinner in kuching

I can't remember what is the name of the food (below), it have oyster in it and it's really delicious.

  Oyster ...

Sarawak also host varieties of unique foods which cannot or rarely seen at semenanjung Malaysia. I'm very lucky being accompanied by the sarawakian and her families there, without their help I cannot reached all the varieties of sarawak foods. Below is mee kolok (kolok noodles). I'm rated mee kolok as the most delicious of all other foods there because I'm the fan of noodle products. Mee kolok is somehow like instant fried noodle but mee kolok not using MSG and using onion oil which giving the noodle unique aroma's and taste...

  Mee kolok

I'm also tried suntong tutok. I perhaps being greedy to bought the biggest suntong tutok but my friend advised me not to bought the largest one. After that I know why they advised me, that is because it's take time to chew the cuttlefish ! Wow.. If your mouth didn't have good engine, please don't try to eat this suntong tutok in hurry or you will get mumps (benguk)...hehe.

  Suntong Tutok

I'm also trying Lok-lok (below). Yes.. it have similarities to Yong Tau Foo.. but dont get it wrong.. the taste is different. Lok-lok good to eat at leisure time and eat just to kill the time. I love this food and believe if you are an entrepreneur at heart, you can try to copy this recipe to Semenanjung and sell it there. 90% I believe that you will get good customer volumes.


Yet another unique foods is mee jawa (below). What's make it's different is the mee jawa have satay and the taste are naturally "sweet".

  Unique mee jawa

Seem the mee jawa customers was enjoying the moment.

  Satisfy their hunger

Apart from enjoying the foods, we also went out to saw some sceneries and places in sarawak. We went to blue lake. According to En Hamid the blue lake once was a gold mining area. It was tightly secured by the police and armies. But now the place are open to public because all the gold there already harvested :). The lake seem blue and that's how the lake get it names.

  Blue lake

Can you see the warning below, saying that the lake contain lot of arsenic, some sort of heavy metal. You are advised not to eat fish there... :)

  Blue lake high arsenic

We also go to somewhere near the border of Indonesia. I really can't remember the name of that place. But that place are known because it have some sort of night market style and they sold varieties of cheap and unique items. We buy lovely children mat for just about under RM20 which at semenanjung it was reported that some customers bought the same item for about RM 40 - RM 80. But at that day I'm not so lucky because I'm arriving one day more early and they didn't started business yet. Seem that the stalls was empty...

  Not yet started

But we managed to surveyed 2 shops there which still opened at the time we arrived. We also go the the wet market which sell the famous terubok salt fish. The fish was relatively cheaper compared to semenanjung.

  Terubok masin

It was also another unique foods in Kuching but I don't have time to publish the pictures here because it was captured using my smartphone. Beverages such as Lock Ann air batu campur (ABC) and White Lady was so nice and refreshing. I love their ABC because it's quite different from Semenanjung ABC.

Not to forget was the city of Kuching itself. The city incorporates of unique blends between Malaysian customs and colonialism customs. The buildings was old and new blends.

  Like an old town

From side

Upper view

Special thank you to Mrs Selina and her family namely Mr Hamid and his wife including Nanie and her family which giving us good accompany and shelter. We remember your kindness.