Monday, January 23, 2012

What a beautiful world...Allah the greatest.

Theme Jan 2012 picture :)

Nowadays,when it is holidays, almost all Malaysian will take the opportunity going somewhere to freeing their "head" overloads :)

As a result, the roads and highways will be full of vehicles which lead to massive traffic jammed. We try to go somewhere which we predicts will not encounter heavy traffic jammed and as a results we gamble to go to Kuala Selangor area, specifically Aroma Ikan Bakar restaurant which seem have anticipate most of the "kaki makan" blogs :) And one important thing, please make reservation/booking if you want to go on weekends.

The Aroma Ikan Bakar situated at 3.22407 N and 101.30500 E. Use that coordinate and you will find that point of interest. Don't have GPS? Hate GPS? I know some people are too arrogant not to own GPS, in that case I cannot help you. Hehe. But I do believe this guy will buy the device ...sooner or later :)

The restaurant situated in front of the sea, so if you lucky enough, you can have a seat on the nearest hut to the sea while having enjoyed your foods.

The restaurant Aroma Ikan Bakar

As early as 5 p.m, the customers seem have long que to have place their order and to have their booking seats.

Long queue on 5 p.m

The side view of the restaurant.

Side view

After that we start our car and go down, deep following the road which lead to the place we do not know before. This leas us to "Jeram sea".

They seem happy fishing.

Happy fishing

Izzah look at the waves, maybe thinking about her future in her own view :)

Tide, Time and Me

The clouds seem like a door from heaven, open... something which seem want to go down to earth..maybe to bring reminder for us to obey our creator, Allah swt.

Coming from from above

The sticks here seem old, and it's still loyal to serve its purpose. We, must loyal and know what our responsibility.

Always loyal waiting you day and night

I love environment like this picture. Its give me some sort of refreshing aroma to all my senses, its like I'm chewing the mint or menthol flavored chewing gum in my mouth. Izzah seem enjoying herself with the sand there. Allah Al-mighty you're The Greatest to create this moment.

Refreshing on the dusk

This is the picture of the nearby stall near the sea which we have some evening coffee drink and enjoyed the scenarist. Can you see the blue clouds there? For me, its "unspeakable".

Near windy sea

Then we are heading to see the fireflies at nearby Kelip-kelip Kampung Kuantan, Kuala Selangor. Just following the signboards and you will safely arrive at the point of interest.Visitors have to book the boats there. Its not so "cheap". One boat is RM40. We arrived there at about 9:30 p.m after performing Isya' prayer at nearby mosque. The mosque seem little "weird" ... We feel something strange there, but we know that is the positive strange. The mosque and the regular occupants there seem following strictly what is Islam say us to do. We have been invited by them to follow then to enjoyed the green peas porridge which their cook for their usrah programme. Thanks god.

Firefly entrance

In the boat, seem its total darkness. Even a good DSLR have a real problem to captured the fireflies because there is really dark and the auto focus system cannot find suitable light to focus the subject. I turn to manual focus but still the moving boat and total darkness is the limitations.

From the boat at almost blank light

View from the boat after we heading back to the dock.

Almost done

Can you see the fireflies?

The fireflies

Then... have a supper at RnR Dengkil. Safely arrived home at about 1:30 a.m. Thanks Allah for the safe journey.


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simply awesome gbr2 itu ..

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terima kasih leenda