Monday, July 2, 2012

Scientific visit (multiple venues)

Durian breakfast

Again there was scientific visit. On first day ,we have our breakfast on durian, thanks to En Zubir for his kindness to let us enjoying the durians.

A visit to "jeruk" processing factory. I dont know exactly what "jeruk" in english. But it was fruit that you soak/incubate in the salt water and let it about to "decompose".


We also visited Ipharm, MOSTI to have look on their laboratories and equipments there.

Laboratories Equipment

This was Dr Shafii mother's house at Alor Setar. Dr Shafii and his family genorously support all of us to have lunch here. What a kind treatment we have here. Thank you Dr Shafii.

Alor Setar

We also can't forgot that we have breakfast at the USM park, what a nice memories to have breakfast like this and thanks to Haslina's mother because support us with nice morning breakfast.

Morning breakfast

This was one of the popular plant during our visit at Taman Rimba Herba at Perlis.

Tmn Rimba Herba

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