Saturday, August 25, 2012

Eid'ul Fitri 2012

Some pic i have taken during Eid'ul Fitri 2012.

Ledakkan roket

That were rockets we launched, just small rocket but emitted loudly sound.

Anak bulan 3 syawal 2012

That was moon on 3rd day of syawal.. Just captured the moment using bare hand which resulted blurry image.Should properly using tripod and long exposures the pic could be improve in quality.

Taman permainan kami

Taken at Port Dickson near group of stalls selling foods. That was nearby seller' kids. They happily playing at the curb nearby the sea.


The waves seem more harsh and strong. Perhaps the weather at nearby places are not so good which affect the waves amplitude. But luckily it's not tsunami.

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