Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gambang Water Park

Izzah like to play water, she always remind us on weekends that she want to go waterpark. She managed to persuade us to go Gambang Water Park at Pahang. It was our first time there. Overall experience is OK. But somebody there advice us not to go on school holidays as it will really jammed packed and will affect your overall experience there.

Waiting for the water to splash them Glideeee Hut Ballon Splashhh Hut Ballons

T-shirts at souvenir shop:

  T-shirts Breakfast

Luckily there was fun fair at nearby vicinity at night:

  Fun Fair Fun Fair

We rent the hotels there, Arabian Suite. After settled down with the waterpark, we are heading to Teluk Cempedak beach. Teluk Cempedak beach seem awesome because now at the shore they build the somewhat "relaxing suite"... It is nice to eat at the "restaurant" there when the beach wind flowing breeze softly to you.

Find something? Family discussion I love ... Friendship

We are also going to famous "Warong Poksu and Moksu" ... why they are awesome? It is because they have varieties of foods which some of it we never seen before, varieties of seafoods in very cheap price.. believe me... really cheap price compared to any place that I known in Malaysia and the foods is delicious ! No complain.

  Warung Poksu MoksuSo yummy Cheap and delicious

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